zondag 5 april 2009

Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone,

My system administrator (Dear Husband) told me that since I started my blog, a bunch of people who probably don't understand Dutch, has visited my site. So it is time to go International.

My name is Minie, (almost) 36 year old and mother of a little girlie. For almost 20 years I am an addicted cross stitcher and it is all my sisters fault. She started cross stitching before me and as we say here in Holland: See one cross stitching makes one cross stitching. Okay, this is a literal translation and it means that seeing her stitching, was enough for me to start an own chart. 20 years later we are both still addicted to cross stitching. (see also my sisters blog: http://zusjevandefreubeltante.blogspot.com/). The main difference between her and me is that she ends what she starts BEFORE starting something new.

At this moment I am working on my Fractal #7 kit. I saw it in February this year and I immediately was very attracted by the colours of this chart. And I must say, it is big fun stitching it. For progress see the blog posts with label "Fractal #7". The blogs are written in Dutch but the pictures speak each for itself, don't they?

Enjoy my blog!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi there dear sister, I'll try to react in English,please don't mind any mistakes,it's been a while since I left school (18 years, to be honest) I apreciate you mentioned my Blog also,please come on over and take a look.
    Goodbye and 'till next week.

    kind regards, the little sister

  2. Hallo freubeltante, (wist net niet hoe je dat noemt in het engels,hahaha. En terwijl ik reageer,realiseer ik me dat ik nog niet eens naar de foto heb gekeken,duhu. Wow,wordt echt mooi zeg. (als je reacties krijgt op mijn slechte engels,dan laat je dat wel even weten he?) knuf